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In this site, attempt has been made to simplify computer networking concepts so that even a person with no prior computing background is able to gain a basic understanding of the working principles of the Internet. Effort has been made to split large topics into multiple smaller posts, so that readers could complete reading a post within a short span of time. The site would have articles in both basic computer networking topics and in advanced topics, with lot of diagrams. It is left to the reader to pick and choose the content to read.
The site would be regularly updated with additional posts in different categories. Within a specific category, it would be preferable to read posts in ascending order of dates, so as to first digest the basic concepts of a category before reading some detailed concepts in that category.
The contents of each post are the author’s own opinion and should not be taken as the default standard. Readers are encouraged to read the ¬†official standards and RFCs to get a more detailed understanding of each topic.
About the author
The author has close to two decades of experience in computer networking domain. He has designed and developed lot of features in Routers and Switches for top networking companies. He also has multiple patents and conference publications to his credit. Currently, he is a Technical Consultant and a visiting faculty in the computer networking domain.

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  1. winston
    June 5, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Hello, my name is Winston and I am in China. I’m upgrading the company’s network, but not satisfied with the plans from local network companies. The ideal network in my mind is like a typical US college network: manages mainly by active directory domain, internal users login by domain username and password, external users login by given guest account. I wonder, to make is happened, do I need a normal switch or must a switch with VLAN function? 2nd question, what if the physical switch port is reachable, is it very dangerous? Thank you very much!!

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