Function of Physical Layer

  • Physical layer is the actual carrier of information between computers
  • It is the most important layer, as communication between computers cannot happen without a physical layer
  • Data is actually carried between every adjacent node (computers/routers)  by transmission of electromagnetic/optical signals  at the physical layer over wired/wireless media
  • Physical layer therefore encompasses the set of all protocols/standards used in different types of Wired/Wireless interfaces and  the telecommunication links connecting them
  • It also includes the mechanical, electrical and timing specifications for different network interfaces
  •  Typical examples of physical layer protocols are 
           a) Ethernet/DSL/Optical/WiFi/3G line coding techniques
           b) Connector type specifications like RJ11, RJ45 etc.
           c) Link/Channel Multiplexing techniques like FDM, TDM etc.

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