What is an Enterprise Network?

  • As the name indicates, an enterprise network represents the network of an enterprise/corporate/office. 
  • It typically consists of one or more internal office networks along with provision for remote employees to access the office networks through the public data network.
A typical enterprise network diagram is given below:

A typical Enterprise Network

As seen from the diagram,
  • The office network would have desktops/laptops, lot of servers like file servers, mail servers, web servers etc. One or more L2 switches provide connectivity between these end stations. 
  • Employees, working from home, would typically access the office network via.  a Remote Access Server(RAS). The RAS would primarily authenticate the remote end stations before allowing access to the office network.
  • The office network would use a gateway router to connect it to the public data network (internet).
Enterprise networks could even  be spread across multiple geographical locations connected together by private leased lines

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